About Pet Cremation

About Pet Cremation At Possum Ridge

Losing a pet, regardless of what shape they take, or how long they have been in our lives, can be a difficult time for any family to go through. Our animals play such an important role in the family unit, and their passing does not change that. As pet owners ourselves, we understand that.

Today, we are becoming a much more transient society. Choosing pet cremation allows us to keep our companions with us wherever we may travel. For some, burial is simply not an option. Pet cremation provides us with a choice, and allows us to personalize how we would like to remember our loyal friends.

At Possum Ridge Pet Cremations, we offer a friendly and caring service to help families during this time of loss. Every pet is different, and we know that each family's grief will also be different. For this reason, we offer a customised pet cremation service for every individual pet and their families.


"A friendly and caring service to help families get through their time of loss."

Your Pet Cremation Questions Answered

  • How will my pet be treated?

    Pets are our business, and all of us at Possum Ridge are here to ensure your companion is cared for throughout the entire cremation process with dignity, love and care.

    With our especially dedicated Possum Ridge vehicle, the transfer of your pet into our care from either home or a nominated Veterinary Surgery, is a peaceful and safe journey.

  • What happens during cremation?

    Having a specifically designed Pet Cremator ensures that only one pet can be cremated at any one time. All pets are given an identification tag and this tag remains with them throughout the entire process until the final labeling of the ashes.

  • Can I cremate other items with my pet?

    If your beloved mate has a special blanket or toy that you wish to keep with them don’t hesitate to ask our lovely staff. Some items may not be appropriate for cremation.

  • How are the ashes returned to me?

    Your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a labelled standard plastic ash container, which is suitable for storage or burial. It is also easy to open so that you may scatter the ashes wherever you wish. We also have a range of pet urns available for purchase. These vary in size and shape, and allow you to memorialize your pet in your own way.

  • What if I don’t want my pets ashes returned to me?

    If you do not wish to have your pets ashes returned to you, they can be scattered in our Memorial Garden. Please contact Possum Ridge Staff for more information.

Do you have more questions about pet cremation? Contact our team now.